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IceStorm98.com is a site that plays a bit of fun with the memory of the great storm. It is amazing after all these years those of us who were around still remember vividly the images of downed power lines and trees.

It was right after Christmas vacation, all of us kids fearing the start of a new semester and looking with faint hope at an approaching storm.  Maybe, we all thought collectively, as watched weather and did some rough math to judge if we'd get an extra day or two tacked on to our winter break.  

Then it happened. It was more than we could have hoped for - two weeks of freedom from teachers and learning.  However, we learned quick to be careful what you wish for, because it was a true storm with real implications.  Weeks without power, took more than just the fun from the extra time off...

While this site is obviously a bit of satire - Though most of us made it out just fine with some good stories, and a little smelly from no showers, there were real hardships during this storm. Freezing pipes, a couple declared national emergencies and loss of life made this storm no laughing matter. 

In an effort to bring some positivity to what could be seen as poor humor for a disaster that had a real impact on the lives of millions - The profit of every purchase will go to Camp Kita.  Camp Kita is an organization focused on helping young survivors of suicide.

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